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Auckland Flood Restoration & Cleaning

Our Flood Restoration Process

As water damage & flood restoration restoration is our specialty, we can be relied on to promptly, efficiently and professionally deal with your flooded carpet and restore your home or office once again to a safe living environment. We look after flood restoration throughout the Greater Auckland region and are take care of house, flat, business and commercial flood work as well as contract flood restoration for a number of leading insurance companies.

When we first arrive, we will use our powerful machines to remove any remaining water. This will remove the bulk of the standing water

Next, we professionally lift the carpet in the affected area so we can dry out under the carpet, including underlay and flooring.

If required we’ll setup commercial de-humidifiers and industrial blowers to dry out the affected area. These can take a number of hours to days to do their work. After a period of time we’ll return and, using sensors, determine if the area is sufficiently dry.

Only after we’re completely certain the area is dry enough will we relay the carpet and reinstall any trims that have been removed.

Fan Blower Flood Restoration
Flood Dehumidifier
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