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For Effective Flood Restoration – A Flood Must Always Be Dealt With Immediately, Even If It Looks Minor.

Flooded carpets are invariably much worse than they appear…

It is the water that you can’t see that does most of the damage – water in the underlay and even the flooring and walls. When water damage isn’t dealt with early or efficiently, it rots the carpet and other furnishings. Mould and its spores will grow and spread quickly which will be detrimental to your health.

Auckland Carpet Flood

Had a flood? Here's what to do...

What you can do

  1. Find the source of the water
  2. If the water is coming from a pipe, turn off the water mains stopcock valve (usually found at your front gate)
  3. If water is coming down through the walls of your home, switch off the electricity mains
  4. Remove any furniture you can out of the flooded area, especially if it is metal, polished wood or if it lies flat on the floor. Also unplug anything electrical
  5. Put rolled-up towels across doorways to stop water spreading to other areas of your home or office
  6. Call us, on 027 276 0304
  7. Contact a plumber if necessary
  8. Contact your insurance company and let them know what action you have taken

What we will do

Water damage & flood restoration is our specialty, we can  deal with your flooded carpet and restore your home or office once again to a safe living environment.

  • First, we will use powerful machines to remove any remaining water
  • Next, we professionally lift the carpet in the affected area so we can dry out under the carpet, including underlay and flooring.
  • If required we’ll setup commercial de-humidifiers and industrial blowers to dry out the affected area.
  • After a period of time we’ll return and, using sensors, determine if the area is sufficiently dry.
  • Only after we’re completely certain the area is dry enough will we relay the carpet and reinstall any trims that have been removed.
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